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General characteristics of places, location
Acoustically protected areasMainly commercial areasMainly industrial areasUrban centre areasMainly residential areasMixed commercial-residential use areasPurely industrial areas

General characteristics of environment

Environment volume Mc.
Ceiling height Mt.

Intended use of the environment
OfficeConference roomDining hallRestaurantMeeting roomEducational hallCall centerHotel/B&B roomSmall concert hallPlace of worship

Physical characteristics of the environment

Brick and plaster walls mq.
Plasterboard walls mq.
Glass walls mq.
Wooden walls mq.
Bricks or stones at sight mq.
Concrete mq.
Marble mq.
Laminate-Melamine mq.


Concrete floors mq.
Ceramic/marble floor mq.
Wooden floor mq.
Rubber floor covering mq.
Moquette floor covering mq.
Raised floor mq.
Floor thickness mq.
Floor material mq.
Floor height mq.


Concrete mq.
Metal mq.
Plasterboard mq.
Wood mq.
FIber panels mq.
Other mq.

Internal and external openings (windows)

From the wall in
If wooden door/windows deduct mq
From the wall in
If metal door/windows deduct mq.
From the wall in
If glass door/windows deduct mq.

Chairs and armchairs in the environment on average

People standing up on average (e.g. 5/20)
Wooden armchairs at sight min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Plastic armchairs min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Metal armchairs min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Mesh armchairs min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Padded armchairs min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Padded armchairs - wood min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Padded armchairs - plastic min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Padded armchairs - metal min/max (e.g. 5/20)
Padded armchairs - mesh min/max (e.g. 5/20)