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Our mission is the comfort of all environments.

BQ = Be Quiet

The bq® programme is the result of an intensive research and development phase that is still ongoing. It has been developed, designed and carried out entirely in Italy.

Bq® technical and acoustic solutions take shape and colour thinking to be visible and distinctive part of a bigger project, both to discreetly integrate themselves into environments and to solve problems related to spaces and new technologies.
The bq® programme addresses acoustic problems, from the simplest to the most complex ones, with an integrated range of products based on a unique technology.

The range of bq® products is available in a variety of shapes and colours, with a wide range of support systems which, thanks to their ability to absorb sound frequencies, allow to solve various acoustic problems by integrating different objects.

Our patented bq® technology, is based on the use of panels consisting of high density material, which allows to absorb various frequencies and thus to optimise the environmental noise.

The reduced panel thickness, 30mm and/or 45mm, and the presence of an internal frame allow various applications and solutions.

The material used to realize panels, makes them extremely lightweight, of smaller dimensions and suitable for any environment.

Panel surfaces are covered with Trevira CS® polyester fabric which is sewn at the ends, in some cases, and securely fixed on the interior padding in other cases, forming a single piece. These systems allow to obtain a product that, even though visibly soft, has an excellent surface, not easily tearable or perforable.

Bq® products surface is easily cleanable with specific cleaners.

Seipo BQ Mission

We talk about sound absorption when it is necessary to have an environment with a good sound comfort, and thus a good acoustics. Seipo can meet these needs.

In order to avoid noises, reverberation time must be optimal to reduce the “echo” effect.

The degree of sound absorption of a product depends on several factors such as: chemical nature, porosity, thickness, density, rigidity and shape of components.
In reverberating environments, sound-absorbing materials are installed on the walls or on the ceiling in the form of panels.
To reduce reverberation time, during intervention of acoustic correction, internal surfaces of the environment are covered with sound-absorbing materials. They need to have not only acoustic characteristics but also aesthetic ones, because they must adapt to architecture and furnitures.

SEIPO presents an innovative panel system, technical and aesthetic objects which allow to improve the noise situation of any environment both with acoustic impedance and absorption, while respecting the overall impact they may have on the general architectural environment.

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